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BigROI Global has always thought that social media for your business is an essential component of your entire marketing plan. After all, how many kinds of marketing allow you to communicate directly with your target market?

Social media, when used appropriately and efficiently, allows you to engage directly with your audience in order to increase brand recognition and establish meaningful discussion with your followers. This provides important information into who your audience is and what they want. Having this information on hand will influence future campaigns as well as how you create relationships with your consumers.

X marketing

With millions of tweets sent every day, it's easy to understand how your company's voice could get lost in the shuffle. With our assistance, X marketing advertising may provide your company with the platform it need to pique the curiosity of those who want to learn more about what you do. According to X's research, ad interactions climbed by nearly 70% last year, and with a 28% decrease in cost per engagement, there's never been a better moment to start your X journey.

Instagram marketing

While Instagram is the younger, slightly less popular cousin of Facebook, it is unquestionably the rising star that people can't get enough of. Instagram marketing is a wonderful tool for telling stories in a captivating, visual way, and many users of this ad platform are seeing a larger return on investment than with other campaigns. Instagram now has just under one billion users, an incredible increase from the 33 million users the network had in 2013.

Linkedin marketing

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn ads? Because the site is used by 590 million business people, the majority of them are serious business professionals who know what they want and aren't scared to go after it. Over time, LinkedIn has refined its advertising features, resulting in a more exciting and engaging experience for both marketers and their target audiences. With us, you may begin your LinkedIn marketing adventure.

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest does not have the same user base as other major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, with 200 million members. Its one-of-a-kind quality, though, makes it an essential stop for travelers looking to study potential purchases. 61 percent of Pinterest users say they've discovered a brand or product they'd never heard of before thanks to a promoted pin – making Pinterest a one-of-a-kind platform for introducing products to a new and engaged audience.

The future of facebook advertising

We are constantly searching for new methods to revolutionise and expand our approach to social advertising. The Facebook Messenger Bot is a fantastic tool that assists us in achieving this goal. The bot is used to build an email database for our clients during contests. The benefit of this is that you are also developing a list on your Facebook messenger platform that you can reach at any moment with relevant items and competitions via messenger broadcasts.

There are over 15 million businesses advertising on Facebook Messenger, yet only 300,000 are considered to be using it appropriately globally. In comparison to an email open rate of 14-20%, the open rate for messenger is 80-90%, presenting a tremendous possibility for your online store. Is it time to start using Facebook marketing?

Why facebook marketing?

All social advertising allows you to reach out to an already engaged audience in a cost-effective and efficient manner, but we feel one social network stands head and shoulders above the rest: Facebook. Facebook marketing is a very successful approach to boost your company’s exposure and traffic while also establishing loyal consumers and generating important lead prospects and sales.

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world, and with more users than China’s whole population, is it something your firm can afford to overlook?

The BigROI Global approach to ecommerce seo

  • Health checks
  • Consultancy
  • Monitoring
  • Advertising
  • Reporting
  • Cross-channel promotion

Health checks

Existing accounts are investigated to assess current activity and tactics. We'll also look at the channels of your top competitors to see how they're approaching their plan. We make sure that all of your social media accounts and profiles are set up appropriately and that your brand messaging is consistent moving forward.


We collaborate with you to develop a social media marketing strategy. This is unique to each firm, so yours will be tailored to your specific needs. We encourage you to participate actively in the content creation process because no one knows your industry and business like you do. Our goal is to create ads that encourage connection and sharing, because nothing drives potential consumers away faster than unending streams of sales-driven rubbish.


We'll keep track of everything that happens on your profiles, and we'll arrange ahead of time who will reply to comments and messages, as well as how they'll be answered. This is to ensure that your brand's ideals are reflected in a consistent voice across the board.


Paid social media advertising is a valuable strategy for reaching your target audience since it allows you to target items and services that they are actually interested in. For you, we build advertising programs that are targeted at certain audiences. With the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, we can create audiences and remarket to them based on where they are in the sales funnel. By incorporating your product catalog into your Facebook ad account, you'll be able to create ads that automatically show users the products they've been looking at based on the pixel data you've received.


To stay on top of everything, we'll analyze all social media activity, both paid and unpaid. One of the most crucial components is the ability to evaluate data correctly; failing to do so could result in missed chances and probable overspending on ineffective advertisements. All reports will be shared with you and discussed during our consultation meetings.

Cross-channel promotion

Cross-channel promotion is something we firmly believe in but believe is sometimes overlooked. It's critical that messages across all platforms are consistent and reflect the same company values. We make sure that your social media posts, print ads, email marketing, and site offers are all in sync and selling the same message.

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