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PPC is a method of marketing on the top rankings of search engines for specific keywords and phrases related to your business, where you actually pay-per-click. The average click-through rate for a first-place ad is 7.94 percent. The average click-through rate is 2%.

PPC is incredibly cost effective, adaptable, and produces results quickly. It’s cost-effective because you can pay as much or as little as you want, and you can also choose when and where your advertisements show depending on keywords, location, device, time and day, and other factors. Our continuing success in PPC is due to our dedication to ensuring that our customers get the most bang for their dollars. This implies that each time your ad is clicked, it must have the highest possible probability of completing the targeted conversion, whether it’s selling a product or getting a visitor to complete an email registration form. If you want to ensure that potential clients discover and evaluate you among the billions of Google searches every day, PPC is critical for your business.

PPC marketing & management

We recognise that digital marketing techniques come in a variety of forms and sizes, and PPC is only one of them. We are a top PPC agency that is determined to help you reach your business goals, whether you are a small business trying to enhance brand awareness and exposure, or an ecommerce firm looking for new leads and to move ahead of competition. Search advertisements alone may improve brand awareness by 80%!

Our customised tactics are extremely quantifiable, provide flexibility and control, and enable exact targeting based on measurable data. Our PPC management solution is an invaluable tool for tracking business development, meeting tough targets and KPIs, and increasing brand recognition.

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  • How can PPC help my business?
  • Where does BigROI Global digital come in?

How can PPC help my business?

PPC is a quick win, especially when you're trying to get momentum with other types of marketing, such as SEO. By placing an advertisement in front of a set of users who are actively looking to buy a specific product or service, PPC allows business owners to increase income. If you want to improve online traffic, conversions, and revenues, paid marketing is a smart strategy to use. The beauty of PPC is that you can control exactly how much you spend while also collecting crucial bottom-line data every time an ad is sent out. Assume your organization is paying £5 per click for your chosen terms, and you receive roughly 20 clicks each day on average. It's possible that ten of these twenty prospects will become paying clients one day. So, for your original £100 investment, you've made a big profit. And because everything is quantifiable, you can track everything and figure out why a certain ad worked or didn't work the way you expected.

Where does BigROI Global come in?

If you already have an account, we'll use software data analysis and our years of experience to make sure it's performing at its best. We may use this information to improve ad quality and ranking so that they appear near the top of search results at the lowest cost, uncover new keyword opportunities, assess existing keywords that are underperforming, and modify landing page designs. If no account exists, we will build and optimize a new Google Ads or Bing Ads account, or even synchronize the data between the two if both alternatives are to be used. Finally, we double-check that we've compiled a list of relevant keywords that will help us generate revenue and raise brand awareness. We build campaigns for each of the following, or all of them: – Google Shopping – Search Marketing – Display Marketing – YouTube Video Marketing

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