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Ecommerce email marketing

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Email marketing is a wonderful method to convey your selected brand messaging directly to people who matter; the challenge is capturing their attention. BigROI Global can collaborate with you to design unique email marketing strategies that mix informative emails with a clear and appealing content that leads to effective landing pages.

Whether you’re running a local or ecommerce business, tapping into key demographics is crucial—and we specialize in connecting you with those audiences efficiently. Our primary goals are to boost email click-through rates, which will result in higher user engagement and, eventually, more transactions. Unlike other kinds of digital marketing, such as SEO, there are no outside effects, such as algorithm adjustments, so you completely control your reach and message.
Email conversion rates outperform social media, direct traffic, and search. With 99 percent of customers utilising email every day, there has never been a better moment to construct your email designs and launch campaigns.

The BigROI Global approach to ecommerce email marketing

  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Template design
  • Optimisation
  • Reporting & analysis


We'll begin by evaluating how you gather data to populate your email marketing subscription lists. As a result, it's critical that we pose the following questions: – When are you going to ask for the required information? - Are you gathering enough information from the user without asking them too many questions? – Do you collect data in any other ways? - Are you getting relevant and valuable contacts who are interested in what you have to offer through these methods?


We will work with you to establish a thorough email marketing strategy during our meetings. This will include audience segmentation, email send frequency, and, of course, the message itself. Cross-channel consistency is critical in all of our marketing efforts.

Template design

A excellent email template should be eye-catching and pique the recipient's interest, leaving them eager to learn more. That's exactly what our experienced design team can do with email marketing templates. We'll design templates that reflect your brand and are consistent across all platforms.


An ecommerce email marketing campaign is much more than just sending out mass emails. We look at historical campaign user behaviour to see which emails performed well and which did not. Your lists will be segmented to ensure that subscribers receive information that is relevant to them, and the analytics will be tracked to determine success.

Reporting & analysis

All of the findings are analyzed, allowing us to have a better knowledge of user behavior. As a result, we are able to expand and improve our campaign strategies. This is an important aspect of email marketing because it determines which efforts are successful and which need to be re-evaluated. During our consultation appointments, we will provide you with complete reports.

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